What are the Best Kitchen Faucets for 2016 ?

Last Updated : November 11, 2016

Looking for the Best pull down, pull out, touchless kitchen faucet ? Your search ends here!

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I am Alpha and I am very much passionate about different types of kitchen faucets.I have installed lots of faucets for my family and friends and I really enjoy the art of plumbing.When I get time ,I help others too by giving out reviews about the best kitchen faucets so that they can make the right purchase.This blog is born out of my hobby ūüôā

All I know about you is that you got a home and a kitchen in it ? Isn’t it ? In the kitchen,what makes it so special is the beautiful kitchen faucet.

Here me at BestKitchenFaucetsHub.com provides tips and buying guides which helps you to buy the best  faucets with your available budget.

Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2016

Before you buy a faucet,you must go through lots of kitchen faucet reviews and check out the opinions of the experts.I am here to help you with that part .

While you build a home, you should take care each and every aspect of it to make it very beautiful. Being a home owner makes you control over each and every part of the house that you can make renovations whenever you need according to your wish. When it comes about designing kitchen ,which is considered as an important part of every house, you should really take care about the kitchen faucets.The kitchen will be really charming and looks beautiful if you got the best kitchen faucets in your kitchen. It doesn’t meant to take a second mortgage for doing that.

You can buy the best kitchen faucets at low costs. Spending some bucks for your kitchen faucet will not be a waste of money since most of us spend our time in the kitchen where we spent a tremendous amount of our budget in building it.

When you upgrade your kitchen faucet, make sure it perfectly matches with your ideas for the kitchen.Even though this is relatively a straight forward process and simple task, you should take care of various factors before purchasing the best kitchen faucets.

Having a beautiful and high quality kitchen faucet will make your kitchen looks really attractive. Since we spend a lot of time there ,it will be very pleasant. Our house becomes pleasant when the things around it looks stunning .Getting the best kitchen faucets really gives a pleasantness to the kitchen and the people who spend their time there.

Here is a quick list of the top rated faucets with reviews.

Best Kitchen Faucet (Overall)


   Delta 9178-DST Leland

The exceptionally beautiful and high performance pull down faucet which is a best seller and is currently the best kitchen faucet that you could ever buy!

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Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-2110

Looking for the best pull out kitchen faucet ? Kraus KPF 2110 is the best choice for this type of faucet and it comes with an elegantly designed body with long lasting performance.

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Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet


Kraus KPF-1602

If you are looking for a commercial faucet with an uninterrupted life long performance,then go for the Kraus KPF-1602.No other faucet can beat this and it comes with an affordable price tag.

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Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet


Moen 7594ESRS Arbor

Looking for touchless faucets ? The Moen 7594ESRS would take care of your kitchen with touchless water controls.Go for this if you really wanna get a beautiful high end Moen touchless faucet.

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Top Rated Reviews of the Best Kitchen Faucets

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Here is some general information regarding the faucets .

All those kitchen faucet reviews provided here are 100 % unbiased and is based completely on my experience as well as other customers.

Here is a short video of some randomly chosen top rated kitchen faucets :

Video : Showing the Top Rated Faucets

How do I find the Best Kitchen Faucet for me ?

Getting the best kitchen faucet is really a challenge.You need to consider a lot of factors before shopping the faucet.I have listed all these factors below ;

  • Installation & Repair :¬†Make sure the faucet comes with handy installation guides that can make the¬†installation process easier and if possible without the help of a plumber.Also make sure the faucet can be easily repaired.At times the faucet may gets leaks ( since no product is perfect ) and you are advised to learn how to repair it if you don’t want to spend some extra bucks for the plumber.
  • Number of Holes : Check out the number of holes¬†in your sink and then buy the correct faucet that suits in your sink.
  • Number of Handles :¬†You can either buy a single handle kitchen faucet or a multi -handle kitchen faucet depending on your needs.
  • Types of Faucets¬†:There are different types of kitchen faucets. Buy the one that suits¬†your needs.
  • Sprayer & Soap Dispenser : It is recommended¬†to buy a kitchen faucet which includes a sprayer as well as a soap dispenser as that¬†will make¬† your work more easier.
  • Water filtration system¬†: Know about the water filtration offered by the faucet.
  • Water Consumption : Save water .It’s precious.Always get a faucet that reduces water consumption.This will help not only you but everyone.
  • Trusted Brands: Always recommended to go for the best kitchen faucet brands like Delta, Moen, Grohe,¬†Kohler,¬†Danze, Kraus etc.
  • Design and Looks : Choose the one that is great in design to make your kitchen looks stunning.Design is not a major factor as it doesn’t affect the performance but still most people choose¬†faucets that have an awesome design.
  • Material Finish : The finish of the faucet really matters.Do not buy cheap plastic faucets that gets broken after a few months.Better go for heavy solid metal finished faucets that lasts for a longer period.
  • Warranty & Service : Make sure the brand provides a reasonable warranty and good service.If the service is poor, better not to buy that product from that brand.
  • Read Amazon Customer¬†Reviews : I suggest you to read lots of customer reviews from all possible sources.My FAVOURITE choice is Amazon.com¬†,you can refer hundreds of customer reviews there.
  • Shopping : My suggestion is Amazon.com . You can always get the¬†best deals from Amazon.No other shopping site can provide you more better or discounted prices.

You can also read these additional tips : 5 Tips to Know Before Buying a Kitchen Faucet

Buyer’s Guide : Comparison of the Best Kitchen Faucets

Here is a comparison of the top faucets that’ll give you a quick idea¬†about¬†each model.This will be very useful if you’re in a hurry.

In short, my top picks ;

  1.  Best pull down faucet РDelta 9178
  2.  Best pull out faucet РKraus KPF-2110
  3.  Best touchless faucet РMoen 7594E
  4.  Best commercial faucet РKraus KPF-1602

Check out the below chart for more of my top picks.

Kitchen FaucetMake/ModelTypeEditor RatingPrice
delta kitchen faucetDelta 9178-SS-DST Pull Down5/5See Price & Reviews
delta kitchen faucetsDelta 980T-SSSD-DST Pull Down,Touch5/5See Price & Reviews
delta 19922Delta 19922-SSSD-DST
Pull Down4.8/5See Price & Reviews
Delta 16971-SSSD-DST Delta 16971-SSSD-DSTPull Down4.6/5 See Price & Reviews
Delta 9192T-SSSD-DSTDelta 9192T-SSSD-DST Pull Down,Touch4.5/5See Price & Reviews
kraus kpf 2110 ReviewKraus KPF-2110Pull Out4.7/5See Price & Reviews
Moen 7185CSLMoen 7185CSLHigh Arc Pull Down4.5/5See Price & Reviews
moen pull down kitchen faucetsMoen 7594CSLHigh Arc Pull Down4.5/5See Price & Reviews
moen 7175 ReviewMoen 7175CSLHigh arc Pull Down4.7/5See Price &
moen high arc pull down kitchen faucetsMoen 7594SRSHigh Arc Pull Down4.5/5See Price & Reviews
Kraus pull out kitchen faucetsKraus KPF-1612Pull Out4/5See Price & Reviews
Kraus pull out kitchen faucetsKraus KPF-2130Pull Out4.6/5See Price & Reviews
Kraus pull out kitchen faucetsKraus KPF-1602Pull Out4.7/5See Price & Reviews
delta 9159 dst ReviewDelta 9159-DSTPull Down4.6/5See Price & Reviews
delta 9197T AR DST ReviewDelta 9197T-AR-DSTTouch, Pull Down4/5See Price & Reviews
delta 9158 ReviewDelta 9158-DSTPull Down4.8/5See Price & Reviews
delta 21925LF ReviewDelta 21925LF VessonaTwo Handle4.7/5See Price & Reviews
delta 21996LF ReviewDelta 21996LF WindmereTwo Handle4.5See Price & Reviews
delta bridge faucet ReviewDelta 21996LF-SSTwo Handle Bridge4.5/5See Price & Reviews
KOHLER K 560 ReviewKohler K-560Pull Down4.5/5See Price &
Moen 7430 ReviewMoen 7430Low arc4.7/5See Price &
Kohler K-780 ReviewKohler K-780Pull Down4.7/5See Price &
Kohler K-596 ReviewKohler K-596Pull Down4.4/5See Price & Reviews
DANZE D45455158 ReviewDanze D455158SSPull Out,Commercial style4.5/5See Price &
DELTA 989-dst ReviewDelta 989-DSTPull Down4.5/5See Price &
DELTA 4353 ReviewDelta 4353Low Arc,Pull Out4.4/5See Price &
DELTA 19950-DST ReviewDelta 19950-DSTPull Down4.6/5See Price &

Reviews of the 5 Best Kitchen Faucets (Overall)

#1. Review : Delta 9178-SS-DST Kitchen Faucet

delta 9178 sst dst

The Delta 9178-SS-DST is one of the top rated kitchen faucets.It is picked as the best pull down kitchen faucet which is currently available for a decent price.It is occupied with cover plate and is tightly sealed using the Diamond technology.

Some of its features include its efficient pull down spray wand, easy handle movement, contains magnet in the pull out sprayer.

The only problem it got is its lengthy installation.If you are not able to fit it yourself, better go for the help of a plumber.
Overall editor rating of 4.7/5.  You can also check out lots of reviews on amazon.

>> See it at Amazon<<


#2. Review : Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Touch Kitchen Faucet

delta-9192tFrankly,the Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST is a well constructed touchless kitchen faucet which could do so many things at this price range.It has got a dual mode sprayer which is easy to use.It is made of stainless steel and got a single handle design for easy control of water.

This faucet is occupied with the most efficient Touch20 technology and got an integrated soap dispenser.Since this product is made of heavy metal,this product will last longer.The installation part is not very tricky and you can easily install it with the instructions provided.

Amazon customers have written lots of reviews for this touchless faucet.

Editor rating of 4.5/5.

>> See it at Amazon<<


#3. Review : Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Touch Kitchen faucet

delta-980tThe Delta 980T-SSSD-DST is a single handle pull down touch kitchen faucet with the new “Tap Technology”. There is a quick tap attached with this faucet and you can easily control the water flow.This faucet is supported by the Touch20 technology¬†and got an integrated soap dispenser.

Some of its features includes the MagnaTite Docking, pillar design, fully touch controlled faucet, prevents spread of bacteria and its flow rate is 2.2 GPM.It is one of the best selling faucets and you can read all the amazon customer reviews.

Editor rating for this faucet is  4.6/5.

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 #4. Review : Moen 7594SRS Kitchen Faucet

moen-7594The Moen 7594SRS pull down kitchen faucet is a masterpiece creation from Moen. It has a toggle switch which helps you to easily switch between the spray modes.Some of its features are less splashing of water, more secure docking, easy positioning of handle, made of stainless steel, fingerprint resistant, long lasting pull down spout.

Sometimes the installation of this faucet may require a spotter and some customers have reported that it has got counterweight problems.

This faucet is one of the best selling kitchen faucets as listed by amazon.You can check out lots of customer reviews on amazon.This pull down kitchen faucet is given an editor rating of 4.5/5

>> See it at Amazon<<


#5. Review : Kraus KPF-2130 Kitchen Faucet

kraus-kpf-2130The Kraus KPF-2130 is a top rated pull out kitchen faucet in the market.This faucet is made of 100% solid stainless steel and got a single lever control.All the required hardware as well as the cold/hot waterlines are included with the package.This faucet contains a sedal drip-free ceramic cartridge.This faucet works fantastic as well as easy to install (everyone can’t easily install).

The performance of this faucet is really worth the bucks you spend on it.This pull out kitchen faucet from Kraus is occupied with a 180 degree swivel spout.Some drawbacks I have found in this faucet is that the nozzle is made of plastic and the rubber socket get jams often.

But still this is a great economical faucet worth the money.You can read lots of reviews on amazon.This pull out kitchen faucet has got an overall editor rating of 4.6/5.

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A Few Final Words

There are lots of  faucets available in the stores.To find out the best among them is a challenging task and I hope my reviews would surely help you get the best faucet for your kitchen.

If you are planning to buy online, I recommend Amazon.com as they got the best deals on kitchen faucets all the time.

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