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On November 15, 2015
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“Another awesome product from Delta. Five star rated faucet”

delta 9159 review

Looking for a new and more technologically advanced faucet system? Dealing with leakage and excessive amounts of water wasted? If the faucet is not working properly, your water bill can suffer for the worst.

If yes, then it is time to toss out the old sink unit and have the new Delta Faucet 9159-DST Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet installed for you.

This product works by allowing the user to pull down the faucet in order to get a better angle or to get the water closer to the item being washed.

With simply touch technology, the faucet will turn on by just placing your hand on the faucet. The lever on the faucet makes pumping out water easier than ever.

The different spray nozzles and downpour mode make controlling water so easy.

This one piece system is easy to install with one or three hole installation. The one piece supply lines make it so that there is no leakage of water.

Thus saving the heartache of water just being wasted. The patented diamond design creates less friction making this product longer lasting.

The water pressure maintained in this faucet is extraordinary. The temperature stays pretty constant even when adjusting the faucet angle. The sprayer can easily be connected again if reattached and put back into place if detached.

chrome 9159 review

Champaign Bronze
champaign bronze 9159 dst review

Arctic Stainless
delta 9159 arctic stainless review


  • Very easy to install
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Water pressure is strong
  • No leakage
  • Easy to adjust


  • Rather cheaply made plastic
  • Very bright
  • Expensive to fix if broken
  • Hoses are hard plastic


The sleek, simple design makes this Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features MagnaTite Docking which the perfect replacement in any modern home. MagnaTite docking keeps the kitchen pull-down spray wand staying in place with a powerful built in magnet, so it stays docked even when it is not being used.Delta’s unique DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a valve with tough diamond coating to keep the faucet lasting for five million uses.

Many families would die for this. In addition, it keeps water inside the faucet out of contact with potentially hazardous metal contaminants that could be a health risk.Who would’ve guessed that a faucet could be just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

Technical stats:

  • 5.8 pounds
  • Chrome finish
  • Shiny
  • Modern design
  • technologically advanced
  • Strong mound
  • Installed in minutes

Spray head:

The clicking into place when deciding the direction of the water flow is a great feature to have.

The spray head of this product can range from a light mist to a strong downfall of water depending on the task.

Whether you are washing thick residue off of dishes or simply just washing your hands, this can be the product for you. The spray head technology can be rotated easily in a 360 motion.

The faucet is easily extendable and then snaps right back in place with little effort.

How it feels:

The coating on this product feels great on the fingertips when running hands down the staff. This product is so easy to turn on or off even when hands are sticky or dirty.All you got to do is wave hands around the sensors on the faucet.

The older sinks often have that problem of getting water splashed all over the sink and all over the person using it, especially with the spray models.

With the new spray modules, there is no need for that big water mess that takes forever to clean up time after time. It has never been so clean after washing dishes.


Delta will replace, FREE OF CHARGE, any time during the warranty period, any part or finish that shows as defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use, and service.

Additional Parts:

In addition to this product you can purchase a soap dispenser that is easy to install and matches perfectly with the main faucet. There is also a single pull down lever that can be attached to the staff of the faucet. Thus controlling the angle.


The strong coating and strong magnetic field to hold the faucet is hard to shy away from making connecting easy.

The long flexibility of the faucet makes cleaning all corners of the sink easier than ever.

There is nothing like this on the market to compete at such a great price. The simple size and fashionable cooling easily blend-able.

There is even a six-month financing plan for those that can’t pay the full price right away. Nothing else has been as effective.

If you don’t believe all this, check out all the five-star reviews online.

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