clogged kitchen sink

6 Reasons A Clogged Kitchen Sink Could Spell Disaster

If there ever is a room that needs to be given the utmost care in your house, it is your kitchen.

And in the kitchen, your kitchen sink deserves to be on the list of high priority maintenance items.

After all, no one likes a clogged kitchen sink.

A clogged kitchen sink is no small matter to be put off either as it can cause a lot of health issues and even damage to your home.

But before we delve into the disasters associated with a clogged kitchen sink, let’s first take a look at what causes a kitchen sink to clog in the first place.

Causes of a Clogged​​​​ Kitchen Sink (And How to Avoid the Dreaded Clog)

clogged kitchen sink

There are a lot of factors that contribute to blocked drains. But when it comes to your kitchen sink, the culprit is usually one – leftovers.

One of the greatest inventions to grace the kitchen is an unseen and unsung hero – the garbage disposal.

But great as it is, your garbage disposal unit is not meant to be a grinder that breaks up everything you throw down the drain. It is mainly meant for the small bits that find themselves in the drain.

In order to avoid a clogged kitchen sink, make sure to scrape off all the food from your plates before putting them in the sink.

Another habit to avoid is disposing of grease in the kitchen sink. The grease will solidify and clog your kitchen sink. The best way to get rid of fats is to let them solidify, scrape them into a plastic bag, and dispose of it in the garbage.

For small amounts of oil, you can simply dilute with hot water and a cleaning detergent and throw down the drain.

So why all the fuss about keeping your kitchen sink clog free?

Well, my friend, it’s simple.

A clogged kitchen sink could lead to disaster – at least 6 of them as you will soon see below.

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Your Clogged Kitchen Si​​​​nk Could Spell Disaster: 6 Reasons Why 

Keeping your kitchen sink clog free takes effort and paying close attention to what you let go down the drain. Failure to do that will turn your kitchen sink into a ticking time bomb.

Literally. Let me show you exactly how.

  1. Bad Odors – In the Entire House

A stink bomb is a great prank that never loses its aromatic appeal. But when that stink bomb is your clogged kitchen sink, there’s nothing to laugh about. That is one disastrous outcome of a clogged kitchen sink – it turns, not just your kitchen, but your entire house, into a giant stink bomb.

No one likes unpleasant odors, especially the guests you invite over for dinner. You’ll have yourself a lot of leftovers as the stench wafting through the house will take their appetite away. Besides the guests, every member of the family will definitely not feel at home with the unbearable stench.

Unless you and your family are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the sewer smell that will permeate your home as a result of the clogged sink is one disaster you will want to avoid.

Not only can the smell be unpleasant, but it can encourage stress, anxiety, and headaches.

  1. Bacterial Infestation

clogged kitchen sink - bacterial infestation

If you thought bad odors are the worst part of a clogged kitchen sink, think again.

One of the disasters you will want to avoid by keeping your kitchen sink unclogged is an invasion.

No, not of the alien kind, but pretty close.

When a kitchen sink becomes clogged, the idle water becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially of the Legionella strain.

A clogged kitchen sink is more than just that, it is a health disaster brewing and waiting to happen. The contaminated water can be a cause for sicknesses like cholera, salmonella, dysentery, and a whole host of other diseases you’ve probably never heard of.

Avoid a health disaster in your home – keep a close eye on your kitchen sink.

  1. Flooding

clogged kitchen sink

If you think flooding only happens in places with high rainfall, think again.

Flooding can take place anywhere, all it takes is a clogged kitchen sink.

Yes, a clogged kitchen sink can lead to the not so natural disaster of a flooded home. This is because the water trapped in your drain pipes will look for a way out, any way out.

And whichever route the water takes, if left unchecked, it will flood your house, or part of it anyway.

  1. Food Poisoning

clogged kitchen sink - food poisoning

No matter how spotless the rest of your kitchen may be, as long as you have a clogged kitchen sink, food poisoning becomes a cause for concern.

This is because a clogged sink, even if the water may not be coming back up, is the perfect breeding ground for germs. And not just germs, but the flies, roaches, and other vermin that carry them to your foodstuffs.

A clogged kitchen sink may seem like a trivial issue, especially if water manages to trickle out into the outside drain, but that’s not true. You may not see what is happening under the sink, but believe me, there’s nothing small or trivial about it.

Just the germs alone breeding under your clogged kitchen sink are a mammoth of a problem for everyone in the house. This is especially true if you continue using the sink or the areas near it to prepare food.

Vermin or not, the germs will find a way up the plumbing and will spread into your kitchen, contaminating the surfaces and increases the chances of the food you prepare being contaminated.

  1. Structural Damage

clogged kitchen sink - structural damage

A clogged kitchen sink is bigger than your sink, it goes beyond that. When your kitchen sink clogs up, water can get stuck in a pipe. That may seem like a trivial issue but it’s actually a disaster waiting to happen.

This is because water always looks for a place to flow to, a place of least resistance. The water in the pipes will look for an outlet and may force its way through a joint in the plumbing.

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And where does that water seep into? Yep. Your flooring and walls.

That, obviously, is a structural disaster waiting to happen.

Nothing is as disastrous as water seeping through the structure of your house as this can destroy your flooring and walls by causing them to rot.

If not taken care of quickly, the structural damage will become a great disaster that will not just be disastrous to your house but to your bank account as well.

Apart from rot, the seeping water can also cause mildew in your house. Mildew is not just an unsightly problem, but it also causes some health problems, most of which affect the respiratory system. And the danger of mildew is that it is not always visible, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether it’s present or not.

Don’t underestimate the power of a clogged kitchen sink, it can cause more damage down the road than you would care to imagine.

  1. Electrical Damage

clogged kitchen sink - electrical damage

Besides the water seeping through the structure of your house destroying the structure itself, your clogged kitchen sink can lead to water seeping into your electrical wiring.

Because water from the kitchen sink can contain salts and be a bit acidic, it can damage the insulation that protects your electric cables.

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This alone is a cause for concern as electrical shorts can lead to fire or electrocution. Both are disasters best avoided. Besides damaging the insulation on your electrical cables, water that seeps out of your plumbing can also seep into electrical sockets and appliances. This causes damage to the appliances (and even fire) when the appliances are turned on.

The Simple Way to Avoid a Clogged Kitchen Sink (And Potential Disaster)

If you want to avoid a clogged kitchen sink and the disasters associated with it, it is best you take some proactive measures to ensure your wastewater flows freely every time it goes down the drain.

One of the best ways to do this is a simple method that won’t cost you much, besides using the simple things you will find in a kitchen. You will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Bottle of White Vinegar
  • Boiled water

Simply pour half a box of baking soda down the drain. Follow it up with a cup of the white vinegar and plug up the sink so that the “fizz” doesn’t come back up the sink. Wait for approximately 5 minutes for the “fizz” to subside then pour a kettle of hot water down the drain.

Doing this at least once a month will ensure that your kitchen sink and drain are clean, thereby preventing the buildup of fats and grease that are the major culprits for clogged kitchen sinks.

Never forget – there’s more to a clogged kitchen than meets the eye (and the nose).

If left unattended to, a simple clogged kitchen sink can lead to greater disasters that can even make your house untenable and your food a health hazard.

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