Delta 980T review
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Delta Faucet 980T-DST Review

Delta Pilar is proof that innovation is well and alive in the market for kitchen faucets.

Your Kitchen Chores Simplified

Technology has made its way into Delta Pilar. You no longer have to deal with a handle with dirty, germ-filled hands, nor with a sensor that goes on when you don’t need it at all – The Touch 2 0 Technology has taken care of everything.

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All you need is to tap, touch or elbow the spout or the handle – and whoosh! The water will start running. You can stop the flow the same way too, and forget the handle off completely!

But then, you’ll be wondering why the handle is for. Well, the handle is designed to do everything from managing the temperature to the water flow. You can also manually turn the faucet on and off with it.

The Pull-Down Wand

Among other things, Delta Pilar has a wonderful pull-down spray head that features a 59-inch long hose to cover a wide area and the MagnaTite docking system to secure the spray head firmly in place. It also swivels 360 degrees, and includes a toggle switch to choose either an aerated or a stream spray.

You’ll love how easily it pulls out, fills pots and cans that don’t fit your sink, goes back on its own, and seals itself with the power of a magnet. Its Touch-Clean surface is easy to clean too. If you’ve hard water, then this is good news as it can resist mineral build up.

Who Is It For

If kitchen is the focal point of your home, then you’d love Delta Pilar. You save time, and water too by nudging the faucet off until you soap up your hands. The convenience it adds will make you wonder how you’ve been managing without it for so long!

However, if your kitchen is small, then this faucet may not be a great choice. At 10.6 x 15 x 10.6 inches, it does take up a lot of space. And if you’ve a cabinet on top of your sink, then this will possibly not fit under it as it’s nearly 14 inches in height.

Other Bells And Whistles

If you’ve a pet dog or cat, then there’s high chance for the faucet to go off by accident. While you can deal with it by turning it off when you’re at home, and disable the touch feature when you leave home, the manufacturers have been thoughtful enough to include an ‘auto shut-off’ feature too.

This ensures that the faucet will be automatically shut off after approximately 4 minutes – saving water and your cat from flooding your home.

The design and build quality of the faucet too, didn’t go unnoticed to keen eyes. Delta has made the edges more curvier for a swan-like look – and bam! what a difference it makes compared to a traditional faucet.

The Delta touch faucet explained by Gizmodo is worth reading.

Watch Out For

Delta Pilar is a battery operated faucet which means that you need to get ready to change it at some point. The included 6 AA batteries are advertised to last for 2 years, and they often do make it past 2 years – which is also quite longer than the batteries used by a touchless faucet.

However, you can prolong the battery life by switching the blue LED off once you’re done for the day. Though this bulb is an indication of battery power, it itself consumes a considerable amount of power over time.

You can also pay a few more bucks and buy 6 C batteries that are advertised to last for 5 years.

Doesn’t Default

Yes, you read it right – Delta 980T doesn’t default. You no longer have to set the temperature and the flow rate every time you run the water. The faucet will remember where you left it the last time, and continue from there. Just set it up once and for all and enjoy!

Simple Installation

Mounting this faucet up couldn’t get any simpler. Connecting the electric box, along with the batteries is straightforward too, and this is surely a project DIYers would love.

While Delta provides clear steps on the manual, you can also watch the video on their website to get things right. The hardest thing, however, would be pulling your old faucet out.


  • A high quality faucet
  • Impressive design
  • Works with a simple touch
  • Straightforward installation
  • A soap dispenser is included
  • Doesn’t default
  • Shuts off automatically after 4 minutes


  • Solenoid has a tendency to break early
  • Price is a bit steep

What’s the bottom line?

Delta 980T is a premium quality faucet designed with superior performance in mind. If you’re concerned about conserving water, then you should be the first person buying this faucet.

Delta 980T review

So summing it all up , this kitchen faucet is right up with all your kitchen needs. It has good value for your kitchen and acts like your best friend.

The touch system is the most highlighting factor which makes is quite easy for use and ensuring a clean outskirt. I would strongly recommend this faucet for the efficiency and solid appearance it gives, and the installation part is also not so complicated.

The price was steep when it first hit the market, but now has dropped to an affordable level at Amazon, making it definitely worth a peek.

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