InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Garbage Disposer Review

Powerful, yet does a silent job by grating almost all your food waste from chicken bones to lemon peels and more.

Let’s face it. Leftovers are the biggest headaches of every kitchen. You can neither shovel them down your throat nor feed them to your little puppy. Not having a backyard to dump them makes things even worse. That is why, finally getting a garbage disposal sounds like heaven!

But, trust us: Not every heaven is as promising as it may seem.

And, be careful:

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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You might end up getting another headache – but this time, by paying for it.

So before you buy, allow us to shed some light on what’s the best for you and for every other unsuspecting buyer in the market.

We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve seen it all.

And InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the best overall disposer we came across. Let’s have a look.

As quiet as a church mouse

If you have a baby sleeping in your next room, or if you yourself find peace in a silent kitchen, then this is the garbage disposer for you. By adapting a sound reducing technology, unlike any other products you’ve seen, this reduces its performance noise up to 60%.

Most buyers couldn’t believe how silent it was that they even suspected it to be not working at all!

Eats almost everything

If you’ve had a disposer with a limited diet, then you know the pain of disposing what it can’t have, on your own. But with Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Disposer, you don’t have to do that.

It gulps down anything from pineapple tops to chicken bones to potato peels and old oranges – the list goes on.

The MultiGrind technology makes grinding most food waste easier, not to mention the almost-no-noise it makes. This is done through 3 processes, namely the GrindShear Ring, Tri-Action Lug system and the Undercutter Disk.

Once the food travels through all these three stages, there’s no wonder it gets beaten flat.

Long life

The quality is high with a 40 oz stainless steel grind chamber and grinding components. Be assured that it can be used for many years to come and by buying it, you’ll be making a long term, environmentally-friendly investment.

No clogging, no jamming

The auto-reverse technology makes sure that the disposer doesn’t get jammed as you throw food after food at it. It changes directions of rotation and ensures all food particles are ready to go down the drain. This also prevents your sink from clogging up.

Installation is a breeze

Though it weighs a good load of 26 pounds, it can be installed easily by sparing 10 minutes at most. For this purpose, it comes with a quick lock sink mount. Making things easier, a manual with step by step instructions on how to do it will be delivered to you along with the package itself.

Easy cleaning

You can keep your InSinkerator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Disposer clean without any hassle as it has a wide mouth and a quality collar. You can also use your cleaning brushes to scrub off remains and stains.

Made in the USA

Now here’s the good news that makes even the most sceptic buyers give this a go.

The majority of low quality products you own are not produced in the USA. While at the same time, the rest of the high quality products take credit by being American-born. Though this is not applicable to all products, it still has some truth behind it.

Having said that, we would like to mention that InSinkErator Evolution Excel is an all-American brand. Not only that, the company has a lasting history of over 75 years and they would hardly do anything to ruin their reputation.

The warranty boosts confidence

You get to enjoy quite a long warranty for your investment – 7 years to be more specific. It covers the parts of your disposer, along with back up from the company’s labourers.

Should you encounter any material defects or the assistance of a labourer, you can call them via their hotline and they’ll be at your doorstep to have your issues solved. However, like every other warranties, there are certain conditions governing it. So get them cleared up before you make your buy.

Video Review : InSinkerator Evolution Excel

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What’s the bottom line?

If you have had disposers before, then you would know the difference between your old one and InSinkerator Evolution Excel far more clearly.

But lacking disposer-experience doesn’t, by any means, make you immune to its charms. Not only today or tomorrow, but even after years of use you will still be able to give it a ‘thumbs-up’.

Believe it or not, you simply won’t find a better bang for your buck – with less noise, more power and a great digestive system that won’t clog up your sink. The customers have top rated it as well. So for more information, head straight to Amazon and check it out.

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