Menards Garbage Disposal Reviews

menards garbage disposal

Menards Home Improvement stores are a pillar of the Midwest for everything you need to build, rebuild or improve things around your home. Menards garbage disposal line consists of name brand disposals at affordable prices. Everything from purchase to installation help can be found in the store.

Menards Garbage Disposal Reviews

If you look for home improvement stores across the Midwest, you are more than likely to run into a Menards. Family owned and operated since 1958, Menards has become the go-to place for everything home improvement.

Priding themselves on a customer-first approach, you won’t find a store more dedicated to the customer, assistance, and supplies than at Menards. When you need a garbage disposal, Menards has you covered there too. Menards garbage disposals are name brand, high-quality machines, that come in every make, model and size you can need.

So what makes them so special? This article will discuss the various disposals (though not exhaustive, as Menards has hundreds!) and the approach Menards takes to ensure you select the right disposal for your needs, either in-store or online.

What is a Menards Garbage Disposal and How do They Work?

To start with let’s make one thing clear: Menards is a home improvement store and not a manufacturer. They sell garbage disposals for you to purchase, install and use in your own home, but they do not make them.

menards garbage disposal

If you are told to check out a Menards garbage disposal, you are being told to go to a physical Menards store for assistance in picking out the best garbage disposal for your needs.

To that end, garbage disposals, sometimes called food waste grinders, food waste disposals, or “those shredding machines in the sink,” are a method of clearing small food scraps from the drain and pushing them through the system.

A disposal works by spinning stainless steel blades (often not sharp to the touch) in a high RPM cylindrical chamber. The purpose is to take small food items such as scrapings, shavings or cuts, into finely chopped pieces, purees, or slivers so that they can pass through the drain, piping and out to the black or grey water systems without clogging the pipes.

The process is quick and depending on what is being ground up, is relatively quiet. A few seconds is all that is needed to remove the food waste from the drain and send it down the line.

There are several manufacturers of garbage disposals, though Menards only sells the top brands. The prices are competitive, though and you would rather have a disposal that will last for several years than save $10 and get one that will need to be replaced in the next 24 months.

If you choose to shop online, Menards’ website will have a devoted page to ensure you understand all there is to know about selecting a garbage disposal. Once you have your understanding, you can then shop for the specific model you want and have it shipped right to your home.

However, if you decide to shop in the store itself, you will be greeted by a Menards employee that will ensure you know what you are looking for, how it works and proper installation, tips and tricks to get the most out of your new disposal.

Menards has gone out of their way, as they do with nearly everything, to ensure their customers are not only happy with their purchases, but know how to use them, install them, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Selecting the Right Garbage Disposal

There are two main types of garbage disposals: Batch feed and Continuous feed. Continuous feed disposals are the most common type used in homes and restaurants. They are more cost-effective and get the job done quickly.

Batch feed disposals work even better but come at a more premium price in most cases. They also have fewer safety features for problems with contamination or seized motors.

A batch feed disposal doesn’t have a power switch. It is considered an “always on” machine where power is constantly supplied. You use the disposal by forcing all the food items into the chamber and placing a drain stopper lid on top of the machine.

By doing so, you prevent other items from falling in the disposal during use.

throwing garbage

Once the lid is pressed down, the disposal comes on and chops and grinds everything in the chamber.

A continuous feed, on the other hand, doesn’t use a lid or pressure plate for activation. Instead, it relies on a power switch, much like a light switch. As long as the switch is in the on position, the disposal will be activated, spinning around and grinding anything in the chamber.

Power to the unit is only active when the switch is on. This means that if something gets in the chamber that shouldn’t, or the motor begins to overheat, or some other issue, simply turning the switch off will cut power to the disposal and allow you to correct the problem.

Installation is fairly basic and the almost identical for all models and all types of disposals. You will need to supply a power cord for the unit to plug in under the sink. Assuming you have a switch operated outlet, you are ready to install the disposal.

Remove the plate on the bottom and pull out the three wires (white, black and green or bare).

The green wire is the grounding wire, white is neutral and black is hot.Connect the black and white wires to the black and white wires on the power cord, using wing nuts to secure them.

Wrap the green/bare wire to the mounting screw. Replace the plate and secure with the screw.

Attach the neck wring to the sink drain (some require entire drain removal, others will attach to existing drains).


Twist the disposal into the neck ring until it locks in place.

Double check all mounting screws, bolts, wing nuts and rubber rings, gaskets and mounting putties are secure and in the proper position.

Run tap water to spot any leaks and repair as needed.

Plug the disposal into the outlet.

Run water into the disposal and turn the switch on to test.

The entire process can be done in as little as 20 minutes; you should allow at least an hour.

Things That Should Not Be Placed in the Disposal

Even though the common name is garbage disposal, you should never put garbage down the drain.

The general rule is unless it is food that you would swallow, don’t put it down the drain. However, there are certain things that shouldn’t be put in the disposal. There are varying reasons for each item, but in general, these items can cause the blades to dull, the motor to seize, or the drain to clog.

  • Potatoes of any kind, especially the skins.
  • Raw vegetables, including shavings.
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Body parts

If you are ever in doubt, throw the items in the trash can instead of down the drain to stay safe.

vegetable garbage

Types of Menards Garbage Disposals

Menards garbage disposals are all top quality, name brand disposals in a wide variety of sizes, power, and capacities.

As we can’t produce the exhaustive list, the general guidelines are as follows:

Motor power

You can find disposals through Menards with varying degrees of horsepower. For small homes, or disposals that won’t often be used a 1/3 HP motor should work just fine. You also have the option of ½ HP, 5/8 HP, ¾ Hp and 1 HP. The higher the HP doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better or worse.

Higher horsepower units are generally found in commercial settings where they are used near constantly. For home use, though the first three power options should be plenty.

ANZZI Medusa 1/2 HP Sink


The chamber capacity will also play a small role in your decision. Again, the capacity doesn’t really matter for single-family homes, or if you use a constant feed disposal. Though larger capacity chambers can be used less frequently.

The general chamber capacities you can find at Menards are between 26 and 40 ounces. The most common sizes range in the 28 to 32-ounce sizes, though.


One of the most overlooked, yet most crucial aspects is the grinding speed. The RPM of the motor will decide how long the disposal needs to run for to chop and grind the food particles in the chamber effectively. The higher the RPM, the less the disposal will need to be run for.

No matter what speed you use though, very rarely will you need to run the disposal for more than 20 seconds. Under normal conditions, you can effectively use the disposal for 3 to 7 seconds.

Menards garbage disposals have an RPM range of 1725 rpms to 2900 rpms. This, of course, will also depend on the HP of the motor and the overall size of the machine.

As for brands, if it is a nationally recognized brand, Menards has it. If they don’t have one in stock, they can probably get it for you. It is that continued level of customer service that Menards is known for.

All of the top brands are listed, including:

Pricing of Garbage Disposals

The price of a Menards garbage disposal will be directly related to your selection of all the features listed above, including brand name. In general (though not always) batch feed disposals are more expensive than continuous feed disposals. Mostly due to supply and demand and the ease of use of the continuous feed disposals makes them very popular.

Finding a disposal within your budget isn’t difficult. You can find a disposal for a little as $55 or you can get big and spend upwards of $350. The choice is yours.

Deciding what you need the disposal for (home use or commercial) and how powerful you need it to be, you can spend what your budget allows and get the perfect fit.

What We Think

Menards garbage disposals, like everything else Menards carries and sells, are high quality, name brand machines.

The truth is that you can get these disposals just about anywhere appliances and electric devices are sold. The difference comes in the customer-first mentality that each Menards store offers. As soon as you walk in the door, you will feel like part of the family, and you won’t leave disappointed.

Black Kitchen Sink

The fact that Menards has taken the time and effort to put their knowledge on the website to extend their hospitality through the screen is incredible. We all expect to be taken care of when we are in the store in person, have a question answered, get advice and installation or removal help.

For Menards to ensure that this same level of attention goes out to their online customers is rare. Even shopping online, you will leave the site with the knowledge and know-how to get the job done, in this case selecting and installing the correct Menards garbage disposal for you.

When buying a garbage disposal from Menards, you are sure to get exactly what you need and not spend more than you should.

In Conclusion

Menards garbage disposals are the name brands you have come to trust for grinding your food for decades and a price you can appreciate for years to come. Most often you will find that the garbage disposals last worry-free long enough to effectively pay for themselves.

What’s more, once you are a customer of Menards you won’t want to shop anywhere else. If you are looking for a garbage disposal and need to know everything there is to know about them, and you happen to be in the Midwest, you should stop by Menards and ask one of their employees to show you the disposal line up.

You will walk away with all the knowledge you need for installation, use, and care of your new disposal and still have enough money left in your wallet not to feel guilty about your purchase.

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