Miele Induction Cooktop Reviews

If you’re in the market for a high-end induction cooktop, you’ve probably considered Miele, one of the biggest names in designer appliances. At this point, it appears that Miele is no longer selling cooktops on Amazon.

Before you make such an expensive decision, you should read our detailed review of Miele induction cooktops. We researched the Miele company extensively, looking at their entire product line in addition to their induction cooktops, and sorted through customer reviews and expert recommendations.

Below is our 100 percent honest review of Miele induction cooktops.

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Who Is Miele?

installed miele induction cooktop

Miele is a German manufacturer of home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. Miele was started in 1899 by the Miele and Zinkann families in Herzebrock, Germany.

They started off manufacturing cream separators but quickly branched off into other items like butter churners, washing machines, and even (briefly) motorcars.

The Miele and Zinkann families still own the company today, and members of the families sit on the executive board. The company motto is “forever better,” which is their driving philosophy.

What Are Miele Induction Cooktops?

Induction cooktops use magnet induction to heat your food, rather than thermal conduction from a flame or heating element. It’s much safer and more efficient than normal stovetops because there’s less radiant heat, which means you’re less likely to burn yourself, and your food heats much quicker.

Miele makes six different models of induction cooktops, but they all share similar characteristics. The cooktops are ceramic glass, and you can install them flush-mounted with your countertop, or framed with stainless steel. They all feature top-of-the-line safety features like automatic shut-off, plus they have convenient touch-panel controls.

What Makes Miele Induction Cooktops Unique?

All of Miele’s appliances undergo vigorous testing in the factory, simulating 20 years of home use. All of their products, including the induction cooktops, are designed to last at least that long without any major issues.

Miele also ensures that their appliances have the lowest possible energy consumption, and the company is a member of the UN sustainability organization Global Compact, and they’re a signatory of the “Diversity Charter.”

Miele’s induction cooktops have a sleek, low-profile design that will match any kitchen. Touch-screen controls keep the cooktop from looking cluttered with knobs and dials.

Once you’ve purchased a Miele induction cooktop, their after-sales service team provides any support you may need. Their customer service team has been voted the best in the industry several times. Miele will even send a tech out on a home visit for minor problems like a missing instruction manual.

Their home country of Germany has voted Miele as the “Best Brand Ever” across all of their product lines. The combination of innovative designs, commitment to sustainability, and amazing customer service has given Miele a sparkling reputation, both in Germany and abroad.

Special Features

The following special features are available in every Miele induction cooktop.

Each Miele induction cooktop comes with at least one PowerFlex bridge, which consists of two heating rings that can combine into one larger heating zone. Its oblong shape is perfect for casserole pans, cookie sheets, or other large, irregularly shaped vessels.

Miele’s TwinBooster technology, which outputs the heating power of two cooking zones through a single zone, means your food will cook twice as fast as even a normal induction cooktop.

All Miele induction cooktops are able to recognize the size of the pot or pan on the stove, and only output heat in that area. Not only does that use less energy, but it also prevents other areas of the heating ring from burning anyone or anything that accidentally touches it.

Miele induction cooktops also come equipped with overheating protection, which automatically turns off the heating element if food boils over or the pan begins to scorch. The cooktop will also switch off if you spill anything on the element, so you’re able to clean it up almost instantly.

The “Stop and Go” feature allows you to push one button to reduce the heat to level one in case of an interruption. Pressing the button again returns the cooking element to its previous heating level.

The smart “keep warm” function keeps food at serving temperature no matter how long you leave it on the stove. The cooktop can detect the heat of the pan and adjust its temperature to keep the food from burning.

Finally, Miele’s “Con@ctivity 2.0” feature allows the ventilation hood to automatically adjust its settings depending on what the cooktop is doing. For instance, if you’re cooking something at max heat, the vent hood will kick on high-gear to handle the potential smoke and steam.

Models and Pricing

We reviewed all six of Miele’s induction cooktop models so we could provide you with detailed information about each of them. Before choosing to purchase one of them, make sure you consider the pricing, features, and customer reviews for each model.

Miele KM 6320

a Miele KM 6320 induction cooktop

The KM 6320 is Miele’s base model of induction cooktop. It measures 24 ¾ inches wide by 21 ½ inches deep, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. It comes with three cooking zones, two of which can combine into a PowerFlex bridge, which allows large, irregularly shaped pans to be heated as efficiently as a smaller pot.

You can buy the Miele KM 6320 from an authorized dealer for $2,049.

Miele KM 6360 and KM 6365

a Miele KM 6365 induction cooktop

The KM 6360 is exactly the same as the KM 6365; only it comes with a stainless-steel frame. The 6365 measures 30 ½ inches wide by 20 ¼ inches deep, while the 6360 measures 30 ½ inches wide by 21 ½ inches wide.

Both models come with four heating rings—two standard rings, and two that can combine into a PowerFlex bridge.

You can purchase the Miele KM 6365 for $2,649, and the KM 6360 for $2,749.

Miele KM 6370 and KM 6375

Miele KM 6375 Induction cooktop

Just like above, the KM 6370 is basically just the KM 6375 but with a stainless-steel frame. The 6375 is 36 inches across and 20 ¼ inches deep. With the stainless-steel frame, the KM 6370 is 36 ¼ inches wide and 21 ½ inches deep.

Both of these models come with five cooking zones, including one PowerFlex area made up of two smaller rings.

You can find the Miele KM 6375 for $3,149, while the KM 6370 is $3,249.

Miele KM 6377

a Miele KM 6377 induction cook top

The Miele KM 6377 is their largest and most fully-featured model of induction cooktop. It measures a whopping 42 ½ inches by 21 ½ inches and has five cooking zones, including two PowerFlex areas, one on each side.

The other major difference between the KM 6377 and the other models is the addition of an integrated cooling blower. The cooktop’s fans pull in air over strategic points to prevent mechanical failure from overheating, then blow the air out through the vent hood.

The Miele KM 6377 costs $3,649.

Public Perception

The current lineup of Miele induction cooktops is relatively new, so most of the reviews we found are for older models. We struggled to find a single negative opinion about the current models—the high price tag seemed to be the only gripe, but even then, the prices are very reasonable compared to comparable cooktops.

Customers love the convenient features like the automatic shut-off and the independent timers. Miele induction cooktops are also extremely easy to clean because there aren’t any nooks or crannies for food to get stuck in. Reviewers have said that cooking with a Miele induction cooktop is so fast and easy that, in the time it takes to get a table at a decent restaurant, you can have restaurant-quality food in your home at a fraction of the price.

Overall, customers appreciate the high quality of Miele appliances, and the induction cooktops are no exception.

How Miele Cooktops Compare to the Competition

  • Induction
  • 15″ Cooktop Size
  • 12 Power Settings (1-9, Boost, Keep Warm)
Frigidaire FGIC3066TB Gallery 30" Electric Induction Cooktop, Built-in 4-Burner,...
  • Dimensions: Exterior - 21-3/8" D x 30-5/8" W x 2-7/8" H | Cut-Out -19-1/8" - 20-1/2" D x...
  • 30 in. induction cooktop from Frigidaire
  • Amazingly fast heat
  • Hot Surface Indicator – Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch.
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Color-Coordinated Control Knobs
36 Inch Induction Cooktop, thermomate Built-in Electric Stove Top, 240V Electric Smoothtop...
  • 5 high power burners: 2300/3000W (11in) +1800/2100W (9in)+1800/2100W (9in)+1200/1500W...
  • 4 protection features: over-heating protection, residual heat indicator, auto shutdown,...
  • 9 power setting for precise heating, perfect for braise, fry, deep fry, stir-fry, roast,...

During our research, we found that Miele induction cooktops frequently get compared to two other brands—Wolf and Bosch. Both brands have very similar offerings, at nearly identical pricing.

Wolf’s induction cooktops don’t come with all the bells and whistles that Miele offers in all of their models, but they do tend to be one to two hundred dollars cheaper. Bosch induction cooktops are nearly identical to Miele in terms of features.

One of the big differences you’ll notice right away is appearance. Bosch induction cooktops look more like a standard ceramic stove, with circular burners and the control panel along the bottom of the cooktop. Wolf’s induction cooktops are solid black, with very little indication of where each burner is.

Miele induction cooktops have at least one circular burner outline, along with an oblong-shaped PowerFlex zone. The controls are conveniently located on whatever section of the cooktop isn’t being used by burners.

To provide a true comparison, we looked at 30-inch models from each of the three brands. Below is a look at which features each induction cooktop provides.

Miele KM6360Four cooking zones; one PowerFlex bridgeTwinBooster combines the energy from two cooking into oneAuto shut-off; overheating protection; fault monitoring; residual heat indicator; safety and system lockYesStop and Go function; Minute Minder; keep warm setting; Con@ctivity 2.0 with vent hood30.5 inches x 21.5 inchesCheck Price
Wolf CI304C/BFour cooking zones; one flexible bridging optionN/ATemperature limiter; residual heat indicator; control panel lockoutYesSimmer and melt settings30 inches x 21 inchesCheck Price
Bosch NITP068UCFour cooking zones; one FlexInduction bridgeSpeedBoost adds extra power to a cooking zone for faster heatingAuto shut-off; child lock; utensil detectionYesPowerMove divides FlexInduction zone into three power level zones; PreciseSelect cooking level selection; keep warm function31 inches x 21.25 inchesCheck Price

Looking at this comparison, you can see that the Wolf induction cooktop falls behind Miele and Bosch in terms of extra safety and convenience features. Customer reviews have also indicated that the Wolf CI304C/B tends to break down a lot; Wolf customer support is very responsive, but the inconvenience of having a broken stove for any period can’t be overstated. It is the least expensive though, so if you don’t care about the extra features or poor reliability, you might be able to fit the Wolf cooktop into your budget.

The Bosch NITP068UC is much closer to the Miele regarding features. While there weren’t many completely negative customer reviews, there were a lot of three- and four-star reviews, indicating that customers aren’t enthusiastic about the convenience and functionality of the Bosch induction cooktop.

You’ll have to pay more for the Miele induction cooktop, but with all of their extra features and their reputation for high-quality appliances, it might be worth the cost for you.

What We Think

In our opinion, Miele has more than earned their stellar reputation. Their commitment to quality is evident in their induction cooktops, which are not only engineered to be as convenient as possible, but they’re also incredibly energy-efficient and great for the environment.

Which model you choose will be mostly dependent on the size of cooktop you need, and each model is so similar regarding features that you’ll be happy no matter which one you buy.

Overall, we highly recommend Miele induction cooktops and consider them well worth the price.

Coupons and Deals

Since you can only purchase Miele induction cooktops from third-party dealers, the pricing and sales will depend on who you’re buying it from.

AJ Madison is currently offering 10 percent off on Miele kitchen packages.

Ferguson Showrooms is offering a 10 percent off rebate on their website.

Miele frequently runs promotions on their induction cooktops, as well as their other appliances. You can check their promotions page to learn more.


If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, designer induction cooktop, you can’t go wrong with Miele. Their quality, special features, customer support, and environmental responsibility are some of the best in the industry.

Visit Miele’s website to view their induction cooktops, as well as their huge line of other home appliances.

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